Victoria Aitken – a London based songwriter and singer -– has performed to audiences in London, Manhattan, Berlin, Dubai and Paris. Victoria’s distinct sound has consistently reached prime positions on the UK and European dance charts. Her songs have received note and praise in publications such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, Vogue, GQ, W, Elle, The Daily Telegraph and
E! News.

Her tongue-in-cheek songwriting abilities have sparked controversy. She is renowned in England for her tongue and cheek lyrics, and previous top 10 UK Dance Hits, such as “Queen of the House” reaching #5, “Vicky from the Yacht” which echoed her riches to rags tale and 2012’s “Fashion Boy”, a tribute to supermodel Andrej Pejic.

Her latest song “Weekend Lover” appears as the lead song in Whit Stillman’s highly received “Damsels in Distress” and has provided her crossover into the US market.

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Victoria's Tweets

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Vogue UK

The sometime-model daughter of former Tory minister Jonathan allowed her musical efforts to be heard by rap impresario, and Eminem protégé, 50 Cent recently, and apparently he liked what he heard. "It sounds like J-Lo, and might do well in the South of France," he said.

Harpers Bazaar Brazil
The androgynous model Andrej Pejic is the theme of the new single fromEnglish singer Victoria Aitken, entitled "Fashion Boy"...

New York Times
Victoria Aitken, the New York and London-based socialite songstress, has teamed up with the Scumfrog, a New York-based D.J., on her recent single "Sunshine," which is currently No. 7 on the British dance charts....

New York Magazine
'Fashion Boy' about Andrej Pejic. Lyrics include, "He has the kind of smile that makes the girls go wild — he's the king of style", and, "Fashion boy, I've seen it all before, but you give me more." She can rhyme, well ... almost.

Vogue Japan

男性モデル、アンドレイ・ペジックが、ロンドンを拠点に活動するミュージシャン、Victoria Aitkenの新曲『Fashion Boy』の題材になったことが明らかになった。同曲はダンスチューンで、マドンナやレディ・ガガも手がける敏腕プロデューサ